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Our Story

I'm Free founders exploring Europe and free tours

It all started in Europe, when Ross and Justine
Were travelling and touring all the sites to be seen

They thought, “We did free tours in Paris and Rome –
So why don’t we have free walking tours back home?!”

I'm Free Tours started in Sydney Australia

Inspired, they created I’m Free Tours to provide
An Aussie tour experience with unbiased local guides

I'm Free Tours started in Melbourne in 2011

Then the word got out about these free tours with flair
And they expanded to Melbourne with more knowledge to share

I'm Free guides have lots of other skills and interests along with their passion for sharing their city

Soon they built up a family of guides, all bright
With their own unique interests, passions and insight

I'm Free gives 5% of profits to local charities to give back to our local community.

And with Aussie community spirit, they all agreed
5% of their profits would go to a local charity in need

Meet us

Before you join us in real life.


Sydney Sights & The Rocks

Bachelor of Psychology (USyd)

Masters of Clinical Psychology (Macq Uni)

I am an outgoing and friendly post-graduate psychology student, using my personality to make exploring Sydney fun and memorable. I began guiding in May 2018 following my return from an extended European holiday.


Sydney Sights 

Bachelor of Arts & Science (Macq Uni) 

Masters of Environmental management (USyd) – current

Hi friends! I’m Aida! I’m a plant mum, book lover, occasional slam poet and self-proclaimed nerd. Also, I like to pretend that life is a musical, so if you hear me humming to myself on the tour… join in!

I became a tour guide mostly because I thoroughly enjoy learning and conversing about interesting things. I love getting to meet new people from around the world and sharing all my insider knowledge about Sydney.


Sydney Sights & The Rocks

Bachelor of Computer Science & Arts (UNSW)

A Bondi local, Asher has been a tour guide since 2018. With expertise in colonial history, public transport and our national parks be sure to ask him about some awesome day trips or secret swim spots when you join him on a tour!


Sydney Sights & The Rocks

Bachelor of Journalism & International Studies (UTS)

Two years abroad and I realised I lived in the best city of them all, and what better way to show it than taking people around. As soon as I was back I jumped on a tour and asked about guiding. Now it’s become more of a side passion as I battle away at an office job, but I still can’t give up the touring just yet.


Sydney Sights & The Rocks

BA Media film and TV production (Macquarie University)

I began guiding because of my love of travel and my passion for storytelling. I believe that cities are made of bricks and stories and I love bringing Sydney’s diverse narrative to life. Outside of touring I’m typically found creating theatre, films, podcasts or cocktails!


Sydney Sights & The Rocks 

Bachelor of Architecture (UTS)

Masters of Architecture (USyd) 

As one of the co-founders at I’m Free, I’m passionate about connecting people with Sydney’s local culture. We’ve got so many great galleries, bars, restaurants and architecture not to mention amazing natural sights, hikes, harbour walks and great beaches.

These days I’m looking after the I’m Free Team, leading operations, strategy and business management.


Sydney Sights

Bachelor of Arts (Wollongong Uni)

I started working for I’m Free after working as a guide/tour leader overseas for a few years. After coming back to Sydney, I decided to show people around my own backyard!

I love sharing travel stories, nerdy jokes, trivia, puns and food recommendations, and when I’m not touring I also work in travel full time.


Sydney Sights 

Bachelor of Advanced Science (UTS) – current

Love a good walk, I do. Especially in places that have got nice scenery or a story behind them. The history of the Sydney area is ancient and continuous. 

Yet its recent history as a city is, well, very recent; so recent you can almost smell it. So it goes without saying that there are many stories to be told here, and as a bit of of actor – telling stories is what I do best.


The Rocks 

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) & Bachelor of Laws (USyd)

Graduate Diploma in Flying (UNSW)

I am Ricky the tour guide / aspiring pilot. So when I’m not walking around the city, I’m flying. I am passionate about Sydney’s food culture. Ask me a question about food and I won’t stop talking.


Sydney Sights & The Rocks

Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) (UNSW)

Unfortunately I couldn’t quite cut it in the corporate world of suits, spreadsheets and late nights at the office. So instead decided to make the move to the funnest job around. Why not!? 

Already equipped with a passion for history, culture and public speaking (from my days as a stand up comedian), touring people around my beloved hometown of Sydney has been an absolute breeze. See this Ex Accountant/ Present Day Cheapo to find the best cheap eats in the CBD.


Sydney Sights & The Rocks

Bachelor of Architecture (UTS)

Masters of Architecture (USyd) 

After travelling in 2008 I helped start I’m Free to share my love of Sydney with visitors from near and far.

These days I look after more of the background operations, but I still love touring and swapping travel stories, whilst making sure you don’t miss out on seeing the bits of Sydney I love.


When I’m not working you’ll find me exploring some of the thousands of kilometres of Sydney’s coast and beaches, or trying a new beer in a new bar or brewery.


Sydney Sights 

Bachelor of Pharmacy (USyd)

I am a pharmacist and tour guide. I realise that sounds like a bit of a strange mix but after working as a guide in Europe, I wanted to keep doing what I loved whilst also continuing my studies. I love helping people, travelling and showing off my city.


Sydney Sights & The Rocks

Bachelor of Speech, Hearing & Language Science (Macq Uni)

Although I love travelling, I always love returning home to beautiful Sydney. This is where I play cricket on boiling hot Saturdays, and follow it up with a barbeque, beers and friends by the pool or beach. I’m constantly fascinated by our history and unique flora and fauna, and that’s why I started touring, to share it with the world.